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A View from Baron Road

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Karl Johnson, owner

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Taking photographs of things that stop me in my tracks has been a passion of mine for several years now.  I was walking down Tauentzienstrabe in Berlin when I looked up at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche, a church built in the 1890s that was bombed during World War II.  A huge billboard towered up in front of the bombed out church building, and it struck me as an image of the church struggling in a post-modern world.  It’s remained one of my favorite photos. 


That photo of the Gedächtnis-Kirche—along with my own heritage of Germans settling in Texas—led to the German language to find a name that would fit my approach to photography.


Anblick is a German noun for point of view, aspect, outlook, facet, vision, or glimpse.  Anblick Photography is my business.  But, more than that, it is my art.  It is photo documentaries that capture a point of view, a certain outlook, a vision of someone or something that we might not see in the motion of life.  I seek to give you a glimpse of any of the definable facets of life in such a way that you can’t help but stop and look.


My rodeo photography, for example, is not just about getting great action shots of the competitors.  Anblick Photography is about capturing the rodeo, the event, the community, the culture.  I capture the action, the animals, the people, the art, and the essence of it all.  Even if you can’t be at that rodeo, you'll clinch a fist to help the competitor hold on, hear the prayer being said behind the chutes, smile at the child and her puppy, wonder who that good lookin' thing is, smell leather, and feel a little grit in your teeth.


When I shoot for individual and family photos, I still want the creative and artistic view.  People often do not like to have their picture taken, and might be leery of “the creative and artistic view.”  No worries.  We'll enjoy the shoot, and we'll get photos that you really like by capturing your character, the things about you people recognize and love.  Special milestones, family photos, engagement photos, senior pics, model portfolio development... we'll have fun and get it done.


Anblick Photography by Karl Johnson—a view from Baron Road.