A few acknowledgements...

From June Moore after a session with her extended family of sixteen:

Oh Karl.  I'm going to need help on the pictures in a collage type picture.  There are so many I like.  HELP.  If I took all them, I'd need a 5 foot by 6 foot picture frame, and no where could I hang one that size.  lol.”

2013 Fayette County Fair Photography Competition



Lutherhill's Choice

Lutherhill Ministries chose my photo of the statue at Schlaudraff Garden for their 2013 Summer theme.

Email on May 17, 2012

Karl Johnson: Hi, Maci. I got a call from Bayou West Saddle Pads today. They're going to use the photo you sent them that I took in La Grange last summer. Just wanted to say thanks for sending it. I'm honored that you thought that much of it.

Maci Meyer: No, thank you! I've been roping since I was 9 and that's my favorite picture of all times. Thank you for letting her use it.


Great feed back from a family portrait shoot with the Gaitan family, April 2012:

“We cannot thank you enough for giving us this wonderful opportunity with you! You take amazing pictures and made us feel very comfortable while doing it! I will be recommending you to everyone I know!” (email from Trini and Petra Gaitan)

“Got the prints in! Thanks so much! They are amazing. We are so happy with them!” (Text message from Petra Gaitan)


April 13, 2012

I took my new cattle trailer to Donny Crisler at La Grange Automotive and Transmission, and his crew did a great job for me. When I went to pick it up, I saw a photo on the counter of Donny team roping. I picked it up, and the next photo was one I took. And, the next one was also. I said, “These are my photos.” He told me that he has a lot of roping photos at home from over the years, but the ones I took are his all time favorites. I was honored. Obviously the man knows photography as well as he knows auto work and team roping.






















Wendy Wagner Emmons sent me this message on facebook after seeing a photo of her son at a bull riding near Columbus, Texas.

Your photographs are amazing. Thanks for sharing the world through your eyes. Discovered your art through the photos you took last week when Rooster bucked at Columbus. You posted a shot of my son in the chutes. Hoping you will be at the Sheriff's Posse rodeo in LaGrange next weekend to catch some great shots."


Kim Baker competed in the Supreme Cowgirl Challenge and had this to say about one of the photos I took of her.

"I love the photo you took of me and my palomino mare working cattle and added 'The Supreme Cowgirl Challenge' to it. I love it!!!!"



Caitlin Connor of the Bellville Heritage Cowgirls sent me an email about a photo I took at the 2010 Schulenburg Ranch Rodeo.

"This is the best picture of me and my little mare that I have seen, can I get an 8x10?"




I took a short hike at Bastrop State Park, sat and sat, and finally captured a nice photo of the endangered Houston Toad. Thank you, Ben Worrell for this comment:

“Just looked at the latest Texas Parks and Wild Life Magazine (April 2011) Section on Conserving critters includes the Houston Toad - your photo is better than the 2 in the magazine!”



My Rodeo Photography show at Chel Art Gallery opened on March 12, 2011.  Thank you Jo Watts for this great compliment:

Opening Reception for Karl Johnson's rodeo photographs. Some made me laugh, some made me cry. All were beautiful and moving. His descriptions of the photographs were quite sensitive - works of poetry.


Robert Linton Reeves Munden III wrote this of my Anblicks des Tages that you can find on Facebook and Flickr

"It is wheat amongst the chaff of FB."


Kendra Granger's son won the Mutton Busting competition at the 2010 Backyard Bull Bash, and she was kind enough to offer this compliment by email.

“We were so excited to find your business card!  Your pictures were awesome and we can't wait to receive them.”


I received this great email after the 2010 Fayette County Sheriff's Posse Royalty Competition.

"OMG, Karl!  You did a FANTASTIC job capturing Alyssa’s experience this past weekend!!!  I will let Alyssa and Tony take a look tonight.  We will definitely order photos…maybe all of them.  Thank you, so much!!!  …  Your Amazing Talent, Karl, really captured that experience for Alyssa and for all of us!!!  VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

                                                                        Thanks, again!
                                                                        Tracye Jones"


Here's an email from a friend and fellow photographer.

"The spider pics are outrageous… What constitutes a good image to me is one that  can evoke feelings from me and beckons me to gaze upon it for hours if necessary. I  was really captured by the spiders. It is hard to explain but the word that popped into my head as I was looking at each of them was intoxicating... I wasn't scared or creeped out just intoxicated by the beauty of a creature that shares the same earth with me…. your images lately have been amazing and really have stirred my heart.”

                                                                                            ~ Melanie Woods


In November 2009, I was able to display five photos at Starbucks on Brodie in Austin.


Sun and Moon was featured in the March 2009 issue of "Texas Coop Power."


I did a brief shoot with Jayme for her first competition. The photos below won her an award.


I took a photo of Erika Luckett's reflection during one of her concerts at The Bugle Boy in La Grange. She included it on her website during the months following the concert.


This quick photo taken behind my house was featured in the April 2008 issue of "Texas Coop Power."



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